Learn through participation

The things we do best in life are the things we enjoy doing.

If you aren't having fun learning, you're not studying the right way! You can be a serious student who has fun at the same time. We believe that children learn best when they learn through motivating, and enjoyable tasks and activities. Our educators have experience in using a range of teaching strategies to ensure this, including memory activities, role play, storytelling, shared reading, drama, spelling games, story comprehension and other systems of teaching to suit each class.

Have fun learning and stay ONE Step Ahead !



作為學生,如果你不覺得學習是一個有趣的經歷,對不起,你現在的學習 方式並不正確!要知道,一個認真學習的環境,不等同嚴肅的氣氛。快來感受學習過程的歡樂!


不是要贏在起跑線,是要保持領先一步。快來 ONE Step Ahead 體會學習的樂趣!


Free Consultation by appointment

Because Not all students in same age will perform at the same levEl, so...
If you are unsure of your child's level, you can make an appointment to meet our teachers for a free intake assessment.

Staff Profile

Mr. gary dyer - course director

Mr Dyer is an enthusiatic educator. He
comes from England and has been in
Hong Kong for over 20 years. Mr Dyer
has qualifications in Child Psychology,
Drama, TEFL and TEFL Business

Being a native English teacher registered with the EDB, he has
experience in teaching English in a prestigious band 1 primary school.
His education experience also covers kindergarten and high level
language centre locations in Hong Kong.

現擁有兒童心理學、戲劇,TEFL 及 TEFL商業英文的資歷。

戴雅先生為教育局註冊母語英文教師,曾於一著名Band 1小學任教。他

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